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DAFF-BANGLADESH is a non-political, non-profitable, non-government and voluntary development organization established in 1999 with the active involvement of some competent social workers and development activists in order to bring positive change in the live of disadvantaged and vulnerable men, women and children irrespective of caste, creed, culture, religion and ethnicity through undertaking diversified program initiatives including disaster preparedness, management and climate change.

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DAFF-Bangladesh follows non-directive, bottom-up and participatory development approach for the effective implementation of its programs. It emphasizes on people’s participation in need assessment, planning, implementation and decision-making process for making the program socially accepted, people’s oriented and sustainable. The organization acts as a facilitator to ensure people’s active and equal participation in development process.

Firstly, it works with the poor people by forming the homogeneous group and therefore organizes the distressed and powerless people through rapport building, animation, motivation, and awareness. read more

[tab id=2]“To improve Socio Economic Status of the target families through development of Agro based livelihood, Income Generation Activities, Health Care (MCHFP) Education, Disaster Mitigation, Increase Research & Training facilities, Information dissemination & Networking by Effective Participation of the community people of DAFF-Bangladesh working areas.”[/tab]
[tab id=3]Objectives of the organization:To reach the goal the following objectives are considered as a vital part of DAFF-Bangladesh programming activities: read more[/tab]


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